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We Are at War With Technology
use internet75.6% of the total population use the Internet
114 Million mobile phone users access the internet
94% of smart phone users utilize the internet
88% of Internet users browse for products online

Warning: Tennis Pros are severely behind the curve

Survey Results on Internet Marketing From GPTA Lunch and Learn

Only 38% of coaches in the room had a website
Only 13% of coaches used an online payment system
Only 8% of coaches had a youtube channel
Only 4% of coaches used an email responder

Time to Join the Revolution
Learn my exact System on how to:

Build a list of customers

Create valuable relationships on Auto-pilot

Get Paid on the court, in your car, or even in your sleep

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Tennis 1-2-3: How to get 40 students signed up without making a single phone call
Rainy Day Tutorial: How to make $1000 on a rainy day while drinking beer and watching TV

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